FaqsWe read your mind.

1. What is dishaayein.com?

Dishaayein.com is India's leading marketplace for quality home/online tuitions. Dishaayein.com provides free learning services.

2. How find a tutor on to Dishaayein.Com?

To find a tutor with Dishaayein.Com, simply fill in the ‘Register which is at the top of most pages where you will then be able to see a list of all Dishaayein.Com.who match your criteria. From there you can click on a tutor’s profile to see more information and contact options.

3. Once tuition is settled shall I need to pay anything further to Dishaayein.Com?

No. It's absolutely free for students and we do not charge anything from students.

4. Is it necessary to create my student profile to find a suitable tutor?

Yes, that will help you to get a good tutor of your exact requirement.

5. What are your tutors’ credentials?

Each tutor has a profile on our site which includes their educational background. When you are ready to choose the tutor that is right for you, you will find that we have tutors with degrees in a variety of fields, some with Master’s degrees or higher, and we have a high number of Certified Teachers on staff as well. Depending on the level of tutor you choose, many also have years of experience as private tutors. Of course, the best qualification they have is the satisfaction of current and past students.

6. How to get a good tutor?

You must post your requirement from your area. Your requirement will be listed in our latest tuition list our premium tutors will contact you by email, SMS or direct calls through phones.

7. What subjects can tutor teach?

Dishaayein.com offers tutors a wide variety of subjects, and at any level from Primary School through to A-level and beyond. We are seeking tutors to teach learners of all ages and abilities, from primary school children to adults, in any subject.

8. How will tutor contact me?

After your profile is live, interested tutors will be able to send you messages via our internal messaging system. We will send you an email notification when a student has sent you an enquiry to make sure you pick up every message.

9. How do you ensure high quality tutors?

We do a thorough quality check on subject knowledge and delivery. Our effort is to ensure that your tutor is of high quality. Beyond that, we do not make any further claim. Please note that your need may be different from our assessment and therefore in some situations you may not find a particular tutor suitable. You will inform given e-mail in dishaayein.com .

10. What if the tutor discontinued the tuition classes in between?

Once the tuition gets started, if you feel that the tutor is not regular or discontinued the tuition for any reason, either we will arrange a new tutor for you that matches your tuition requirement.